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Helping leading cities across the U.S. use data and evidence to improve results for their residents. Launched by @BloombergDotOrg in April 2015.

Learn how the City of Newark boosted the number of registered units by nearly 2,000 — and how to do the same in your city

The Behavioral Insights (BIT) team recently partnered with What Works Cities to launch a new suite of resources for cities: The Replication Guides for City-Led Evaluations. These off-the-shelf, step-by-step project guides are designed to be used by cities to learn from and build on the successes of fellow cities, and to effectively tackle similar challenges in their own community.

Each resource is broken up into three sections — the challenge, the solution, and the evaluation — to take readers on a deep dive into the work the city conducted with BIT to solve a specific pressing challenge. This first case…

Four leaders of U.S. cities celebrated International Open Data Day by discussing why strong open data practices and improved governance go hand-in-hand

Photo by Isaiah Rustad on Unsplash

It’s time to act — and many city governments around the country are.

By Simone Brody, Beth Blauer, Michael Hallsworth, Michele Jolin, and Jeff Liebman

This month marks the year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic — a year where America’s deep racial divisions sparked an overdue public reckoning. Cities were inevitably at the center as residents across the country demanded change, with the pandemic highlighting public health disparities and continued incidents of police brutality against Black Americans underscoring the tragic realities of systemic racism.

Over the past year, our organizations have worked through the What Works Cities initiative to continue to support cities as they rise to meet the needs of their residents…

Additional resources for The Replication Guides for City-Led Evaluations series

City-Specific Worksheets

Other Resources

The following are downloadable examples of resources that cities may use to help construct their own evaluation trials.

“Go For Launch” Checklist Example

  • Includes step-by-step instructions on how to setup and launch the trial.
  • Links out to other resources where needed

Trial Protocol Example

  • Includes the most comprehensive information on the trial design and implementation plan.
  • Includes all information that is critical to running the trial.
  • Includes information on how to analyze trial data.


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