Helping leading cities across the U.S. use data and evidence to improve results for their residents. Launched by @BloombergDotOrg in April 2015.
What Works Certified City - San Diego, CA

To drive your city’s equitable redevelopment goals forward, consider a variety of revenue sources and regional, cross-sector partnerships.

By Anjali Chainani

When it comes to overdue infrastructure upgrades needed across the country and how to pay for them, most eyes have been on Washington, D.C. throughout 2021. And for good reason: There are big, unusual funding streams for city leaders to potentially leverage: 1) The Infrastructure Investment and…

How data-driven cities maintained momentum, delivered results, and achieved WWC Certification

By Lisa Mae Fiedler and Elise Allari

This time last year the world was a different place. U.S. Cities were in the full swing of pandemic response efforts, with many jurisdictions suspending normal operations to focus fully on COVID-19. Despite these monumental challenges, 54 cities completed a What Works Cities…

What Works Cities

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