Archived Items from WWC’s COVID-19 Local Government Response and Resource Bank

Resources for Local Government

  • From What Works Cities: Strategies for communicating with data, a Q&A with WWC expert partners Results for America, BIT, and the Sunlight Foundation. (4/6)
  • From National League of Cities: In this post, view a video recording of the recent NLC crisis communications webinar as well as five tips for how cities can strengthen their own communication efforts. (4/6)
  • From the Centers for Civic Impact at Johns Hopkins: Video recording of Dr. Joshua Sharfstein’s March 23 webinar, where he spoke to local government practitioners about the novel coronavirus pandemic and how local governments can respond. (4/6)
  • From Data-Smart City Solutions: Resources for City Leaders, a roundup of how local and state governments, as well as private companies, are taking action to respond to COVID-19 in the areas of health care, organizational and community support, food insecurity, and childcare resources for first responders and medical professionals. (4/6)
  • From the International City Managers’ Association (ICMA): Coronavirus resources — includes considerations for local governments, including Chain of Command, Crisis Communications, Potential Gaps, and Workforce (4/6)
  • From CityGrows: 5 Tools Local Governments Can Use To Help Staff Work From Home During The Coronavirus Crisis (4/6)
  • From the National League of Cities: A roundup of resources, including links to federal agency guidance and state municipal leagues, plus three action steps for local leaders (4/6)
  • From The Behavioral Insights Team (BIT): Full report from BIT’s online experiment to test the effectiveness of seven public health information posters, including the study’s takeaways and replicable examples of the top performers. Plus, a concrete example of the work that BIT did with the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK to develop and roll out text services for those most threatened by COVID-19. (4/6)
Learn more about the behavioral barriers that stop us from hand washing through graphics. Via Brianna Smrke & Michael Hallsworth. (4/6)
  • From U.S. Conference of Mayors & Bloomberg Philanthropies: A webinar with FEMA’s Traci Basher, about how to access FEMA’s Public Assistance funds, on Monday, May 4 at 3 p.m. EDT. Register here. (5/5)
  • *From Cities of Service: A webinar about local approaches to meet the food access needs of vulnerable populations during COVID-19 response. Panelists (city leaders & staff) will share strategies and examples on how they are identifying the most vulnerable groups, developing successful partnerships, expanding reach, and integrating food access into their recovery plans. Tuesday, May 12 from 12:00–1:30 PM ET. Register here. (5/14)
  • From the National League of Cities (NLC): A summary of the CARES Act (third federal stimulus bill), with a breakdown of provisions relevant to local governments. (5/14)
  • From Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL): COVID-19/Coronavirus Roundup of Resources, Crowdsourced From Local Governments (5/14)
  • From Government Technology: Find downloadable city and county telecommuting policy examples a third of the way down the page in this roundup of resources and tools for government leaders (5/14)
  • From Bloomberg Philanthropies: A three-part web series that presents challenges, strategies and opportunities in addressing homelessness during the COVID-19 pandemic. The webinars will feature city and operational leaders in the field from cities across the country. May 20, May 27, and June 3, at 1PM ET. Register here. (6/4)
  • From Bloomberg Philanthropies, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative: The Coronavirus Local Response Initiative is a network of support for mayors responding to the coronavirus pandemic. If interested in participating in the mayoral video sessions but have not signed up yet, email (6/4)
  • Slides from most recent public health update and topic (protecting high-risk senior communities) are here (session #6). (6/4)

Local Actions

State of Emergency Declarations (all archived 4/6)

Restrictions around Public Gatherings & School Closures (all archived 4/6)

Moratorium around Evictions (all archived 4/13)

Freezing of Utility Shut Offs and Waived Related Late Fees (all archived 4/14)

Suspension of Other Fees & Debt Collection (all archived 4/14)

Op-Eds & Commentary Specific to Local Government

  • From Governing: How Courageous Leadership Can Help a Community Through a Pandemic — historical perspectives of effective local leadership practices during emergencies, by Stephen Goldsmith from the Ash Center at the Harvard Kennedy School (4/6)
  • From The New York Times: What New York Can Do Now — an exploration by the Times’ Editorial Board about the vulnerable communities that need its city and state leaders to take action now more than ever — and the role that non-profits need local leaders to play so that they can continue their work in supporting these communities (4/6)

Op-Eds & Commentary Specific to Local Government

  • The accompanying data FAQ for Johns Hopkins University’s global tracker of COVID-19 cases (4/15)



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