Mayors Agree: Data Transparency Builds Trust, Drives Results

Four leaders of U.S. cities celebrated International Open Data Day by discussing why strong open data practices and improved governance go hand-in-hand

How have you used data to communicate with your residents and do the work of city government during the COVID-19 pandemic or other recent crises?

Mayor Broome.

How has your experience been when it comes to sharing data across government lines?

Mayor Berke.

“When a pandemic hits…the organization has got to respond. And it’s only going to respond with data if that’s the culture that you built.” — Mayor Andy Berke

Is data ingrained in your culture? Or do you still feel at times that you have to wing it a bit when making decisions?

Mayor Strickland.

Do you believe data is helping your communities trust their local government more because the communications you’re providing are based on facts and data?

Mayor Frank Scott, Jr.

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