Photo Courtesy of ACCGov

Open Data Helps Athens Residents Improve Transportation Infrastructure

2022 Certification Level: Silver

‘As Granular as We Could Get’

During the recent TSPLOST advisory committee’s work, data came to life in a variety of ways. Equity was a major consideration: The Commission asked the committee of residents to spread projects across different neighborhoods in the ACCGov footprint while paying particular attention to high-poverty areas. So ACCGov capital projects office, supported by GIS, provided the committee with a map detailing poverty levels by the most recent U.S. Census tract data and plotted project locations on it.

A Seat at the Table

As ACCGov’s data infrastructure and resources have grown, so have their influence. Leaders have begun integrating data experts into planning and operations. “Now we have a seat at the table,” says D’Angelo, who has worked for the city-county since 2017. When the capital projects office decided to launch the latest TSPLOST project selection process last year, Joseph D’Angelo was invited to be part of it from kickoff.



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